Hard Cast Bullet Machines

If any of you shooters out there know anyone at any of the big hard cast bullet machine manufacturing companies, we need a favor. We’d love to help out anyone starting a new hard cast bullet company, by giving them some free bullet lube to try out. That way we get our foot in the door, and they can sell their hard cast bullets a little cheaper, or with a bigger profit margin, when they’re just starting out.

So, if you make hard cast bullet machines, we’d love to talk to you about giving your customers a coupon for some free bullet lube from Thompson Bullet Lube Company. Give us a call at 1-866-476-1500 if you’re interested. (You know it will make you look better… Kind of like you care about your customers. LOL)

As always, you can also leave messages and comments for the staff at BulletLube.com at http://www.bulletlube.com/contact

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